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Digital Actuarial Resources publishes study materials for standardized actuarial exams.  We started with our "equation guides" which contain lists of the key equations featured on each exam.  Digital Actuarial Resources is expanding its range of products available.  A few years ago, we released a famous practice problem set for the first five FAP modules.  The book of sample FAP questions is enormously popular and remains our best-selling item.  Although the book was designed to help students prepare for "Exam 1" of the FAP modules (the test was discontinued and replaced with a take-home project in December 2007), the book also greatly helps actuarial students prepare for the first FAP project.  This problem set contains 385 questions with a detailed solutions manual.  Read the news below for other products in development.


Tutorial videos coming soon!

October 29th, 2017

We are developing tutorial videos for Exams P and FM.  The videos for each exam will be available on DVD or downloadable to portable media devices.  The tutorial for Exam P will probably be around 8 hours in duration.  The Exam FM tutorial will be about 5 hours.

Tutorial Pic 1
Tutorial Pic 2

Exam P flashcards soon to be available

October 13th, 2017

We are extremely close to finishing a set of flashcards for exam p/probability. The deck will contain around 400 cards. Check back for updates.

New Exam P Review Manual Released!

August 25th, 2017

We recently finished a review manual for the first exam in the SOA testing system. The book gives an in-depth review of all the probability concepts you need to know for the first test. It starts from the ground-up, covering set theory, discrete distributions, continuous distributions, multivariate distributions, and particular template distributions just to name a few topics. You can download a sample of the book on the product page. The full book is competitively priced.

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DAR accepts several quick methods of payment, including PayPal.  If you choose to pay through PayPal, you may use a balance transfer, eCheck, or any major credit card.



DAR  Equation  Guides


The equation guides contain only the most important formulas that students must know to pass the tests.  These manuals are rather short and include no examples or proofs.  The guides do not attempt to teach students the material but simply offer an organized set of the formulas tested.  The brevity of the manuals makes them very affordable.  Shown below is an example of the "Exam P" Equation Guide:  




They serve as the ultimate reference manuals.  A student can quickly look up a formula rather than paging through several books to find it.  The guides also allow you to memorize the essential equations.  Most students compile a list of equations they need to know or at least take notes on the material.  These guides could save you dozens of hours per exam--time that you could better spend doing practice problems.


The equation lists are designed to complement your study plan.  These manuals assume you are familiar with the tested concepts.  Most of these tests require a number of text books, catalog-size study manuals, and other notes.  These guides condense all the material into just several dozen pages.


All the equation guides from Digital Actuarial Resources homepage come in PDF format.  After we receive your payment, we will e-mail you the study guide immediately.  You can then easily print the guides on your own computer.


If you pay via PayPal, you will receive your guides within 24 hours of payment!




Materials  Available


We are currently producing materials for only the SOA exams, 2005-2017 version.  While these resources are designed specifically for the tests through the Society of Actuaries, the guides could also aid in the preparation for the CAS tests.


Equation Guides for Exam P, Exam FM (or MF), Exam MLC, and Exam C are now available.  We are creating a guide for Exam MFE, which should be available by spring 2018.  The Society of Actuaries recently split Exam M into Exams MLC and MFE.





Coming Soon...


The following items are in development and should be completed in 2018:


Exam P Flashcards $25.00
Exam P Video Tutorial $120.00
Exam FM Flashcards $25.00
Exam MFE Equation Guide