Headway Test Prep for ACT Math

Prepare for the math portion of the ACT test with this study manual from Headway Test Prep! This book covers in great detail the high school-level math featured on the exam, including pre-algebra, elementary algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Besides teaching the material with thorough explanations, the manual contains numerous definitions, theorems, and formulas. It also has hundreds of examples to test your understanding of the concepts. The book is over 300 pages and is printed in black and white.

This text is ideal for the high school student considering college. For most of the topics, no prior understanding of the material is necessary. The book starts from the beginning of math knowledge and works up.

The manual comes in soft cover binding.

This book covers the following high school math topics:
*Pre-Algebra and Algebra
    -Scientific Notation
    -Absolute Value
    -Square Roots
    -Summation and Product Notations
    -Binomial Distribution
    -Solving Equations of Various Formats
*Advanced Algebra (Algebra II)
    -Step Functions
    -Even vs. Odd Functions
    -Compositions of Functions
    -Function Inverses
    -Exponential Functions
    -Nth Roots
    -Finding Roots
    -Complex Numbers
    -Sequences and Series
    -Matrix Math
    -Lines, Segments, Rays, etc.
    -Quadrilaterals (squares, rectangles, parallelograms, kites, trapezoids, rhombuses)
    -Scale Changes
    -3D Figures
    -Geometric Proofs
    -Adjustments to the Basic Trig Functions
    -Inverse Trig Functions
    -Law of Cosines
    -Law of Sines
    -Trig Identities
    -Trig Equations

Pages: 13
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Format: Adobe PDF

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Full Version
Pages: 308
Format: Soft cover
Print Type: Black and White
ISBN: 978-0-9798071-8-3
Publication Year: 2008

Price: $23.95