Headway Test Prep for AP Calculus AB

This book is a great study aid for the high school student taking the advanced placement calculus test, section AB. The guide teaches the basic calculus concepts, from the development of the derivative to the concept of the anti-derivative to integration techniques. The material covered is similar to that featured in a "Calculus 1" class at a university. Headway Test Prep's manual has hundreds of examples to test your knowledge. It also has many, many theorems. This book has some of the content for test BC, but it does not contain all the material, particularly Taylor and MacLaurin series. The book comes in spiral-bound or soft cover format, depending on availability. In addition, the actual cover may differ from the picture.

This book covers the following calculus topics:
    -One to one functions
    -Even and odd functions
    -Compositions of functions
    -Inverses of functions

    -First derivative and higher order derivatives
    -Rules of derivatives
    -Chain rule
    -Derivatives of...
        --Trig functions
    -Implicit differentiation
    -Logarithmic differentiation
    -L'Hospital's Rule
    -Absolute and relative extrema
    -Related rates

    -Single integrals
    -Riemann sums found with...
        --Left endpoint rule
        --Right endpoint rule
        --Midpoint rule
        --Trapezoidal rule
    -Anti derivatives
    -Definite and indefinite integrals
    -Integration by parts
    -Improper integrals
    -Partial fraction decomposition integration

Pages: 9
Price: Free
Format: Adobe PDF

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Full Version
Pages: 154
Format: Spiral-bound or soft cover, depending on availability
Print Type: Black and White
ISBN: 978-0-9798071-9-0
Publication Year: 2008

Price: $16.95