Comprehensive Math Review for Actuarial Exams, 1st Ed



Increase your math skills before your next actuary test!


The first five exams from the Society of Actuaries are math-heavy.  Besides calculus, they require advanced algebra, trigonometry, and detailed knowledge of functions.  Math is definitely a prerequisite for the actuarial student.  If you need to brush up on some or all of your math abilities, then this book is ideal for you.


The book contains seven chapters, starting with number theory and ending with the college equivalent of calculus 3.  It will teach you many theorems, shortcuts, and algorithms.  The manual also has many, many examples to illustrate the concepts.

This book covers only the math needed on the actuary tests.  Calculus is a very broad topic with too many applications to include in one book.  Many subtopics of calculus that are not tested, such as Green's Theorem, Fubini's Theorem, and numerical analysis techniques, are not covered in this manual.  In addition, the book is not test-specific.  For instance, the manual does not review probability or interest rates.  Rather, the book covers the math behind the higher actuarial topics.

This book covers the following prerequisite math topics:

-Advanced Algebra

     *Coordinate Systems


     *Distribution and Factoring



     *One-To-One Functions and Inverses


     *Continuity and Discontinuity

     *Composite Functions

     *Complex Numbers

     *Logs and Exponents




     *Trig Functions and Their Inverses

     *Unit Circle

     *Morphing Trig Functions

     *Solving Trig Equations

     *Law of Cosines and Law of Sines


-Basic Linear Algebra

     *Vectors and Matrices

     *Matrix Operations

     *Solving Systems of Linear Equations



     *Sequences and Series

     *Limits, Including Infinite and Rational Functions

     *Development of the Derivative

     *Derivatives of...

          - - Polynomials

          - - Trig Functions

          - - Logs

      *Rules for Derivatives

     *Chain Rule

     *Implicit Differentiation

     *Logarithmic Differentiation

     *L'Hospital's Rule


     *Rates of Change

     *Approximating Functions with Polynomials


-Single Integration

     *Riemann Sums


     *Indefinite Integrals

     *Definite Integrals

     *Integration by Parts

     *Integration by Substitution

     *Improper Integrals

     *Partial Fraction Decomposition Integration

-Higher Order Calculus

     *Partial Differentiation

     *3D surfaces and quadrics

     *Double Integrals


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