Return Policy




Digital Actuarial Resources, LLC currently does not accept returns from customers for any of the company's products.  The policy of no returns applies to, but is not limited to, the following types of products: all equation guides in electronic/PDF format and printed format, all practice test question sets that are spiral bound, all study manuals that are spiral bound, all video tutorial sets in DVD format, and all flashcard sets.


We enacted the seemingly strict return policy after a bout with pirates who bought materials, photocopied them, and then returned them. We also discovered customers who bought study materials soon before a test, used them, and then returned them after the test in sub-par condition. With the advent of the Digital Age, we are aware that piracy of written materials is too simple a task. To reiterate, our policy of no returns is in place to prevent "free renting" of study materials.


The policy of no returns applies to those products purchased on Digital Actuarial Resources' homepage ( and any other Internet sites from which Digital Actuarial Resources directly distributes its actuary study materials.


This policy applies to customers making purchases from the United States and all other countries.


If a customer ships an item back to Digital Actuarial Resources without the company's prior written permission, then Digital Actuarial Resources will ship the item back to the customer after the customer pays sufficient shipping charges to Digital Actuarial Resources.  The customer is free to choose the carrier (either USPS or UPS) and the shipping speed, as long as the payment for shipping is sufficient.  If the customer underpays for shipping (or does not pay for shipping), then Digital Actuarial Resources will retain the item until the customer pays sufficient shipping.