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Special Notes for International shipping (outside the United States):

-The customs department in your country may inspect packages that we ship to you.  These inspections could extend transit time by several days.


-Unexpected shipping delays are possible for customers outside the United States .  Transit times will generally increase as the distance from the United States increases. 


-Digital Actuarial Resources will not ship items to certain countries.  Please ensure that your country can conduct business with the US .  We will refund payment for orders to which we cannot ship.  The United States Government and/or the government in your country may forbid economic transactions between the two countries.  The list of countries Digital Actuarial Resources cannot ship to includes but is not limited to: Cuba , Libya , Iraq , Iran , North Korea , Afghanistan , and most of the countries in Africa .



Extra Details on Shipping:

-Shipping times are approximations as established by the various carriers.  The times are not guarantees.  For example, 2-day USPS shipping could actually require 3 or 4 days.  Digital Actuarial Resources will not refund shipping charges and will not allow for product returns if the actual shipping time is longer than initially expected.


-For customers using a commercial location for a shipping addressÂ…An intra-building mail system can delay the delivery of your package.  Once the package reaches your building, please allow several hours or even a day for the item(s) to reach you.


-A special note to customers in Hawaii , Alaska , and other US territories outside the continental United States: Shipping to these regions may require several extra days of transit time.


-Various people and places to which Digital Actuarial Resources will not ship merchandise:  Prisoners in any country, hospitals, and soldiers of any country on front lines of an active battlefield.

-Digital Actuarial Resources, LLC will ship to US military bases anywhere in the world. The company is willing to ship to US military bases in the United States of America, Germany, Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, and other nations.


-Digital Actuarial Resources may require additional funds to ship your merchandise.  Our shipping calculator could severely underestimate the actual costs of shipping the item(s) to your address.  We will contact you if we encounter a problem shipping the merchandise.  If we require additional shipping funds, we will send you an invoice for the extra shipping amount.  We will ship the item(s) after you pay the extra shipping costs.  If you refuse to pay the extra shipping charge, then we will refund your purchase.


-Digital Actuarial Resources could modify the shipping method from that which you specified while ordering.  For instance, if you desired UPS shipping, but UPS does not deliver packages to your region, we might use FedEx, DHL, or another carrier that can reach you.  The shipping speed we will use shall be similar to that which you initially specified.



Shipping Schedule:

-Digital Actuarial Resources will ship your item(s) as soon as possible, often on the same day of your purchase.  Please note that we are located in St. Paul , Minnesota , which is within the Central time zone.  Here is our shipping schedule based on your time of purchase:


Mondays, before 4:00 PM Central Time:  Will ship same day

Tuesdays, before 4:00 PM Central Time:  Will ship same day

Wednesdays, before 4:00 PM Central Time:  Will ship same day

Thursdays, before 4:00 PM Central Time:  Will ship same day

Fridays, before 4:00 PM Central Time:  Will ship same day

Saturdays, before 10:30 AM Central Time:  Will ship same day

Sundays:  No shipping

National US Holidays:  No shipping


If you place an order after the cutoff time on a certain day or during a day when we do not ship items, then we will ship your item(s) on the next available shipping day.




Incorrect Addresses:

-If you provide an incorrect shipping address and the merchandise reroutes back to Digital Actuarial Resources, then you will need to pay additional shipping charges to receive your items.  We will not ship the merchandise again until we receive sufficient shipping funds from you.  You are free to choose the shipping method and speed from among the various shipping options that Digital Actuarial Resources offers.


-If you provide an incorrect shipping address and the merchandise neither reaches you nor reroutes back to Digital Actuarial Resources, then Digital Actuarial Resources will not resend you the merchandise and will not refund any amount of your purchase, including shipping charges.




"Lost" Items:

For customers who have not yet received their merchandise and believe the item(s) could be lost or compromised during transit...


Digital Actuarial Resources has an excellent shipping record.  Most of the packages we ship have tracking numbers and/or delivery confirmation numbers.  To date, not a single package has become "lost" in the mail system.  All customers have eventually received their item(s).  If you believe your package is lost or has taken a very long time in transit, please contact our customer service department and we can investigate the status of your package. 


If the status of your package is "delivered" according to USPS/UPS/Fedex tracking, and you claim to have not yet received the merchandise, then Digital Actuarial Resources will not refund any amount of your purchase. 


If Digital Actuarial Resources determines that your package is undelivered and will probably not reach you, then you must pay additional shipping charges and we will then ship another package to you with the identical items you originally purchased.  We will not ship the additional package until we receive sufficient funds from you with which to purchase the shipping.  The new shipping method may or may not match the shipping type you initially selected.  In addition, we will not refund your initial shipping charges.  Digital Actuarial Resources will use its own discretion in determining whether a package is undelivered.  Digital Actuarial Resources will allow only one re-shipment of merchandise per one order of study materials that apparently became lost.  For instance, if we originally shipped you a book that became lost, and we shipped another book that also became lost, then we will not ship a third book to you and the transaction is considered complete.




 Extra or Missing Items:

-If the items you receive do not precisely match the items you ordered, please contact our customer service department.  A package could have additional items you did not order and/or lack items that you did order.  Our shipping department has a very high rate of correct order fulfillment.  The probability that you will receive the incorrect quantity or types of items is very small.


-If you receive extra item(s) that you did not purchase, you must return the extra item(s) to Digital Actuarial Resources.  We will pay for return shipping to our headquarters.


-If you receive insufficient item(s), please contact our customer service department.  If we determine that we did not ship all your item(s), then we will send another shipment with the missing item(s) at a shipping method of our choice.  This policy does not include packages lost in transit.  Please read the separate policy for "lost" packages.


-If your order was very large, we may have shipped your merchandise in several different boxes that could arrive at different times.  We will number the boxes (1 of 3, etc.).



Other Notes:

-For customers purchasing study materials very close to exam time... There is no guarantee that your study materials purchased from Digital Actuarial Resources will reach you before your exam.  Please purchase materials at least one week before your test.  We will not issue refunds to customers who receive their products after their exams or otherwise with insufficient time to use the materials before the tests.